Lewis River Fishing


The Lewis River is split up into two sections; the North Fork Lewis and the East Fork Lewis, we offer Guided Lewis River Fishing Trips on both sections depending on the time of year and fish that we are targeting. The East Fork of the Lewis River is great for Steelhead when the flows are right. It gets a really strong winter run of fish that lasts until about March. We fish this from either the drift boat or raft and can use both fly gear and conventional gear to target them. Over the last couple of years, the East Fork has started its transition into being a “Native River” but there are still a good number of Hatchery Steelhead in the system.

The North Fork of the Lewis gets solid runs of Chinook Salmon, Coho salmon and Steelhead throughout the year. The North Fork really is a year round fishery; starting in January and lasting all the way up until Chinook start showing up in the fall, you can find a healthy amount of Steelhead throughout the system. Over the last few years, the amount of Chinook have dropped, but you can still find a healthy Fall and Winter run of fish.

Immediately following and coinciding with the Kings is a good run of both A-run and B-run Coho Salmon. The North Fork Lewis River is mainly a gear only river and we catch fish sidedrifting/backbouncing bait, pulling plugs or throwing a bobber and jig setup. The Lewis system is really one of its own and when the fish are in, it can be a solid producer.

During the summer, the North Fork of the Lewis River is a great river for a nice float! We do offer Lewis River Guided Fishing Trips for Steelhead during the summer and most of those trips take place on the North Fork and consist of either pulling plugs or diver and bait.

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