Low Flow Raft FishingThe river flows right now are perfect for some low flow raft fishing for Winter Steelhead! All of this really cold and dry weather has really brought the rivers down. As of right now, the Washougal River is currently running at 750cfs, the East Fork Lewis River is at 543cfs and the Wynoochee River is at 988cfs. This means a couple of different things; the lower water will keep some of the drift boats off of the river, but it could potentially shut the bite down as well. By fishing out of the raft, we are capable of getting into a lot of water that some of the drift boats can’t get into and target some of the Steelhead that

We absolutely love fishing for Winter Steelhead in low flows because it allows us to get good sized Steelhead on lighter gear! Such a blast! Most of the gear that we use when fishing these low conditions are 1/16 oz or 1/32 oz darker jigs and really small pieces of roe. When the rivers are this low, the water is super clear and fish spook easily. Sneaking in on them with the raft and presenting a small jig or egg cluster right in front of them is the way to go!

We are currently running low flow raft fishing trips on the Washougal River, Kalama River, East Fork Lewis River and the Wynoochee River from our low water raft! If you’ve never fished from a fishing raft before, it is definitely a fun experience. Our raft has a full fishing frame with built in comfortable seats and plenty of room between people for casting those longer distances. If you’re interested in finding out more or would like to book a trip, please feel free to email us at trip@clearfinguideservice.com or simply head over to our Book Now Page to check availability and book your trip!