March Fishing ReportIf the beginning of March is any indication of how fishing is than our end of the month “March Fishing Report” should be a bit better than this one. Steelheading in general is never easy; add changes in weather conditions, river flows and all of the changes in fishing pressure and you never know what your day on the water is going to be like. I would say that February provided me with the most reschedules that I have had to do for as long as I can remember. It was just a nasty, wet month in general with a lot of blown out river days. But, as the rain started to slow, and the rivers started to drop, we fished and we fished hard! There were days that were really slow and there were days that were considered “banner days” with hookups in the low to mid teens of big bright Winter Steelhead. Two of the rivers that we are currently fishing are in the beginning to middle of their runs, but they are both producing fairly consistently.

Most of our fish have been coming from artificial gear; Nightmare pattern worms and jigs and the normal Bubble Gum and shrimp colors have been working well. A lot of the fish we are gettingMarch Fishing Report are big Native Winter Steelhead that definitely don’t love being hooked. The second you set the hook on that bobber down, they are shooting out of the water! To me, there is nothing more exciting than hooking into these big fish, and although you can’t keep them, they provide you with memories that last forever! If you are interested in getting a trip booked, feel free to visit our Book Now! page to get your date picked! Let’s go chase some chrome!