20151222_152651-2Well, the river has been up and down… and so has the fishing. We have been fairly consistent with a few chances a day at fish and landing most. This time of year, fishing all depends on the conditions of the river. Today was a good example of how fast conditions change, when the trip started the flows were at 8.4 on the gauge and it dropped a little over 8 inches in the few hours that we were on the water. The clarity has been pretty good, and we aren’t seeing much of the brown water when the river does rise. It will raise and cloudy up, but the water will still have the green tint that we are looking for. Today we landed our biggest fish of the year so far, a big 21.9 pound hatchery Steelhead, along with a few other “cookie cutter” sized bright fish. The biggest factor in catching fish right now is knowing where their travel lanes are; in high water, Steelhead tend to stay closer to the bank and out of the fast current. Several different techniques have been working and it really all depends on what the river is doing. 20151222_144858-2

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